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Pharmaqo Labs Dianabolan 50

It looks to be “Pharmaqo Labs Dianabolan 50,” a supplement that contains Dianabolan 50(Methandrostenolone) as an active component, potentially in a dosage of 50 mg per tablet.

Buy Dianabolan 50 is a synthetic anabolic steroid made from testosterone that is popular for its potential ability to increase muscle mass. It is thought to function by several mechanisms, such as higher protein synthesis, improved nitrogen retention, boosted glycogenolysis, and androgen receptor activation. These outcomes may result in more muscle growth, greater efficiency, and more endurance.


The use of Dianabolan 50 or any other anabolic steroid for non-medical purposes has several serious medical risks and potential adverse effects, so it is crucial to know. Only under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician and by all applicable rules and regulations can such items be used.

How does Pharmaqo Labs Dianabolan 50 function?

Buy Dianabol online is a synthetic anabolic steroid that may be taken orally and is produced from testosterone. Dianabol is known to stimulate protein synthesis in cells, which may eventually result in an increased protein buildup in muscles, which will result in muscular growth.

Increased muscle nitrogen retention has been linked to Dianabolan 50 which may contribute to an anabolic impact that helps with muscle development and recovery.

Increased glycogenolysis: It has been suggested that Dianabolan 50 promotes the breakdown of glycogen, a kind of stored glucose, into glucose for use in the creation of energy. During challenging workouts, this may offer muscles an additional source of energy.

Dianabolan 50 is believed to bind to androgen receptors, which are proteins involved in the control of several physiological processes, including the growth and development of muscles.


Dianabolan 50UK steroids dosage may vary based on the user’s age, gender, health, and intended use. Tablets or capsules were the most prevalent kinds that are consumed orally. However, a trained healthcare expert should decide on the precise dose after considering a patient’s needs and medical background.


The following are some possible advantages of Dianabolan 50.Dianabolan 50 is recognized to have the ability to increase muscle mass in users, especially when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Strength, power, and endurance are thought to be increased by Dianabol, which may lead to improved performance in exercises and physical activity.

  • Increased muscle mass:
  • Faster recovery
  • lessen muscle damage
  • increase muscular healing
  • improved performance in exercises 

Negative effects

Dianabolan 50 is an androgenic steroid, which means that in those who are prone to certain diseases, it may have androgenic side effects including acne, greasy skin, increased body and facial hair development, and pattern baldness. Taking Dianabolan 50 can cause virilization in females, which has adverse effects including voice deepening, clitoral enlargement, and irregular periods of menstruation.

  • Virilization (in females):
  • mood swings
  •  irritability
  •  hostility
  •  changes in libido.

Where to buy Dianabolan 50 Online?

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