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Pharmaqo Labs Fastrip 150

The injectable anabolic steroid mixture intended to boost muscle size and strength is Pharmaqo Labs Fastrip 150. Testosterone Propionate (50 mg), Trenbolone Acetate (50 mg), and Masteron Propionate (50 mg) are three of the active components combined.

Fast-acting testosterone ester testosterone propionate is renowned for its capacity to boost endurance, strength, and muscle growth. Buy Pharmaqo Labs Fastrip 150 UK which is a potent androgenic steroid that can support fat loss and muscle gain. Popular cutting steroid Masteron Propionate can aid with weight loss and can increase muscle definition and firmness.

How does it work?

The action of Pharmaqo Labs Fastrip 150 results in an increase in muscle growth and strength by enhancing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the muscles. Each of the blend’s three active substances makes a unique contribution to these outcomes.

A type of testosterone called testosterone propionate attaches to androgen receptors in muscle cells and activates a signaling pathway that encourages protein synthesis and muscular development. Additionally, it aids in boosting red blood cell synthesis, increasing oxygen transport to the muscles, and boosting endurance.

Buy Pharmaqo Labs Fastrip 150 online which is quite anabolic and has a high affinity for androgen receptors. Additionally, it prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue by catabolic chemicals like cortisol. As a result, protein synthesis and nitrogen retention rise, aiding in the development of lean muscle mass.

A moderate anabolic steroid with anti-estrogenic qualities, Masteron Propionate can aid in lowering water retention and promoting a leaner, more defined look. Additionally, it has little androgenic action, which may contribute to an improvement in muscular hardness and strength.

The three components of Pharmaqo Labs Fastrip 150 operate in concert to produce a potent anabolic effect that can help users increase their muscle mass, increase their strength, and improve their physical appearance. 


The dose of Pharmaqo Labs Fastrip 150 will be determined by several variables, including the user’s age, body weight, expertise with anabolic steroids, and fitness objectives. For a novice, a reasonable dose may be 150 mg per week divided into three equal injections of 50 mg each.

The weekly dosage for more seasoned users may be increased to 300 mg, divided into three equal injections of 100 mg each. 


Some of the primary advantages of Steroids for sale

  1. Increased muscle mass: The combination of trenbolone acetate, testosterone propionate, and Masteron propionate in Fastrip 150 can aid in boosting the muscles’ ability to retain nitrogen and promote protein synthesis.
  2. Strength and endurance can be improved with the use of testosterone propionate, while trenbolone acetate can boost stamina and lessen exhaustion during exercise.
  3. Reduced body fat: The anti-estrogenic characteristics of Masteron propionate can aid in lowering water retention and promoting a leaner, more defined look.

Side Effects

The following are some of the frequent adverse reactions to using steroids UK:

  1. Aside from hair loss and increased body hair development, androgenic side effects can also include acne, greasy skin, and hair loss.
  2. Cardiovascular adverse effects: Fastrip 150 may raise cholesterol and blood pressure, which might raise the chance of developing cardiovascular disease.
  3. Buy Steroids UK that can be hazardous to the liver, especially at high dosages or when used for an extended period.

Where to buy Pharmaqo Labs Fastrip 150 Online?

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