Pharmaqo Labs Tamoxifen / Nolvadex 50tab x 20mg

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Pharmaqo Labs Tamoxifen / Nolvadex 50tab x 20mg


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Pharmaqo Labs Tamoxifen / Nolvadex 50tab x 20mg

The drug tamoxifen, also marketed under the name Nolvadex, is frequently used to treat breast cancer, particularly hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Buy Tamoxifen / Nolvadex 50tab x 20mg uk bodybuilding and athletic sectors, it is sometimes utilized as a component of post-cycle therapy (PCT) to treat estrogen-related adverse effects of anabolic steroid usage.

How it functions 

Buy Tamoxifen / Nolvadex 50tab x 20mg online is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that blocks the effects of estrogen by interacting with estrogen receptors in specific tissues. It is used to stop the proliferation of cancer cells that are sensitive to the estrogen in the treatment of breast cancer. By inhibiting estrogen receptors in the body, it is used in PCT to assist control of estrogen-related side effects, which can help avoid or lessen problems like gynecomastia (enlargement of breast tissue in men) and other difficulties linked to anabolic steroid usage that is caused by estrogen.


Depending on the specific usage, individual circumstances, and medical advice, the dose of Tamoxifen / Nolvadex 50tab x 20mg can change. The doses are normally greater and chosen by a skilled medical expert for breast cancer therapy. The doses in PCT Uk steroids are often smaller and can vary, but typical oral daily dosages fluctuate between 20 mg to 40 mg.


Steroids for sale Tamoxifen / Nolvadex 50tab x 20mg may have several advantages over other treatments for anabolic steroid side effects, including the ability to lessen water retention, lessen the risk of gynecomastia, and assist the body’s natural hormonal equilibrium to return during the post-cycle recovery period.

Tamoxifen/Nolvadex advantages:

Management of estrogen: Tamoxifen/Nolvadex is used to control the estrogen-related negative effects of anabolic steroid usage, including lowering the danger of gynecomastia and water retention.

Recovery following a steroid cycle: Tamoxifen/Nolvadex in the powerlifting and sports communities to assist restore natural hormonal balance following a steroid cycle, which can help with recovery and avoid potential difficulties connected to hormonal imbalances.

Breast cancer treatment: Tamoxifen/Nolvadex is an effective medicine used to treat breast cancer that has hormone receptors.

Side effects

Like any medicine, tamoxifen/Nolvadex can cause negative consequences. Hot flashes, mood swings, nausea, weariness, alterations in menstrual cycles, and other possible negative consequences are examples of common side effects. 

 Tamoxifen/Nolvadex can alter a woman’s menstrual cycle in a variety of ways, including 

  • irregular periods 
  • Fatigue
  • altered appetite
  • altered vision
  • bone discomfort 
  • likelihood of blood clots

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